Journal Your Setback

Journal Your Setback!

As we are forced to experience and endure recent events that have been devastating, this is a great time to consider how significant a setback can affect one’s plans, goals, dreams, life in general, and hope for moving forward.

If recent events do not do anything else, they encourage us to redeem the time, to self-reflect, and to reassess our purpose in life.

Time is very short, and even though that reads like a cliché, it is still, nonetheless, very true.

However, you are still responsible for tending to your goals, for making your life a priority, and for ensuring that you contribute in this world. Do not let recent events overshadow your purpose and what you know you must do going forward. Pray, rest, and move forward.

While you are doing these three things, journal also your setback, especially if you have been touched in any way by recent events, the deaths of children, and the chaos of war. Consider the following writing prompt.

Writing Prompt:

Provide an example of a time you were reaching towards a goal and encountered a setback.


1. What was the original goal?

2. What was the setback?

3. Did you ever complete the original goal?

4. How did you resolve the problem?

The most important aspect of overcoming a setback is to understand the original goal, whether it was intentional or optional.

You are under no obligation to complete an optional goal, but if your initial goal was to complete a certificate program for your job and you didn’t, then that is a goal you must return to because it is tied to a professional purpose.

Therefore, assess the short-term, medium-range, and long-term nature of your goals to determine how realistic and feasible they are and whether you possess the capacity and patience to complete the goal. The only way to overcome the setback is to understand the original goal.

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Thank you for reading!

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