Homeless Recovery Tips

Homeless Recovery Tips is a new series that focuses on the importance of developing a strategic life plan to exit homelessness and sustain that as a belief system. These videos introduce the advocacy efforts of the site.


The purpose of Homeless Recovery Tips is to encourage individuals who have suffered a life setback with emergency-based, episodic, and/or chronic homelessness to begin adopting an exit plan using self-reflection and proactive planning as two primary objectives.


The goal of Homeless Recovery Tips is to begin the intervention process as an advocacy objective by providing resources, tips, and content.

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You can also visit the YouTube site where all the new videos are also housed: https://www.youtube.com/@reginayfavors/videos

Video Topics

The following video topics focus on the need for proactive planning.

Use Extended Stay as a Recovery Tool

The Job is Not a Protest Opportunity

The Homeless Shelter is Not Your Parent

The Homeless Shelter is Not the Blessing

The Homeless Shelter is a Correction Tool

Sleeping on a Friend’s Couch is Still Homeless

Set Standards, Boundaries and Expectations

Secure Yourself First

Plan From Setback

Living at Your Parent’s House is Still Homeless

Prison Does Not Equal Home

Make This Your Last Start Over

Homelessness is a Choice

Homelessness is a Distraction

Hold off on Romantic Entanglements

Get Somewhere and Sit Down

Don’t Return to Dead Things

Don’t Decorate the Shelter

Do Not Help People Before Season

Decorate Your Place

Conduct a SWOT

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