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The Favors Life Recovery Coaching Curriculum is part of the future Favors Recovery Institute, which will focus on improving the economic lives of individuals confronting and overcoming life setback.

The Favors Life Recovery Coaching Curriculum encourages the idea that work and working leads to life recovery, which further encourages the pursuit of life thrive.

The Favors Life Recovery Coaching Curriculum is in development and will offer both courses and certification opportunities. Preliminary research is ongoing and will focus on psychology-based topics related to life recovery theory and models, ethical dilemmas, and cognitive behavior therapy. Courses will be offered through Favors Learning Center Online. Here is a brief outline of courses and certification opportunities. This list is subject to change.

To date, I have not received coaching training through an organization. I do have graduate psychology student hours, short two classes. However, I do have a master’s degree in English, which supports the notion of preparing through research to enter a field or specialty. My plans are to finish that master’s degree in psychology and obtain a certification for life coaching.


General Courses (Certification)

GEN: Introduction to Life Coaching, an Orientation

GEN: Introduction to Life Coaching Theory & Models

GEN: Introduction to Dealing with Ethical Dilemmas

GEN: Introduction to Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Psychology Courses (Transferable)

PSYCH: Introduction to Psychology

PSYCH: General Psychology

PSYCH: Social Psychology

PSYCH: Psychology of Personality

PSYCH: Human Sexuality

PSYCH: Lifespan Growth & Development

PSYCH: Research Methods in Psychology

Life Recovery Courses (Certification)

LRC: Introduction to Cognitive Behavior Theory

LRC: Introduction to Ethical Dilemmas in Life Recovery Coaching

LRC: Academic Ethical Dilemmas

LRC: Personal Ethical Dilemmas

LRC: Professional Ethical Dilemmas

LRC: Adopting a Culture of Living Program for the Recovering Homeless

LRC: Goal Orientation in Life Recovery

LRC: Surveying Lifespan Theories

LRC: Life Recovery Coaching for Counseling Professionals

LRC: Special Topics: Personality and Life Recovery Coaching

LRC: Substance Use and Life Recovery Coaching

LRC: Work Therapy

LRC: Goal Orientation, Identity, Mindset, & Grit

LRC: Special Topics: Survey of Life Setback

LRC: Resilience Studies

Financial Psychology (Certification) 

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Center for Marriage Studies

Center for Life Recovery Studies

Center for Financial Recovery Studies

Center for Homeless Recovery Studies

Center for Studies on Setback & Resilience

Center for Studies on Academic Feedback

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