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Write & Recover is a Favors Writing Workshop and includes a workbook and action planning guide, which is available on Amazon.com. Visit the “Book Title” section for more information.


Write & Recover: A Favors Writing Workshop is a workbook companion resource to the books under the Life Recovery Series, the programming and planning under the Favors Film Courses, and part of the larger mentoring purpose under the Favors Mentoring School. It further supports the purpose of the Pre-Singles Counseling Coaching Curriculum.

Parts of Write & Recover workshop derive from the book Life Recovery after Romantic Hastiness: Online Topics & Planning Workbook, which encourages readers to plan life recovery after a romantic breakup. It is the resource that helps readers begin considering the idea of adopting life recovery objectives to prevent emotional, financial, and spiritual burnout. All books fall under the umbrella of the Favors Life Recovery Coaching Curriculum. Favors Writing Workshop topics include the following:

  • Mind Your Promises
  • Change You!
  • Touch Not!
  • Mentor You!
  • Recover You!
  • Reconnect You!
  • Overcome You!
  • Pick Up Your Tent
  • Write You!

The last workshop topic begins the action planning process towards sustained change.

Write & Recover is a conference and seminar medium that appeals to the masses to act on the idea of life recovery. Whereas Life Recovery after Romantic Hastiness focuses on the planning aspect of life recovery, Write & Recover creates the action plans. It is distinct from the Favors Sample Life Plan books because those products still focus on self-reflection and movement towards action.

Write & Recover ushers in a conscientious mindset towards sustained change. The workshop and workbook components represent the step out of surviving into overcoming life’s little setbacks and maintaining that argument from one season to the next. In other words, returning to dead things that no longer serve you will hinder progress moving forward into greater battles that need you to be conscious and aware emotionally, financially, and spiritually.

Returning to dead things might include previous relationships and/or maintaining financial instability through patterns of behaviors. For example, “Touch Not!” is a workshop component that helps readers understand that straddling the fence of any decision will keep people blind to the potential behind moving forward. It is hard to move forward if you are always looking backwards, i.e., touching dead things.

Therefore, Write & Recover is the metaphorical graduation walk. It represents all the things you think in your head as you walk across the stage and get your diploma. It is the post-solitude process you need to keep before you as you navigate to the next life goal. The book helps you to develop action plans, put pen to paper, and begin the healing processes.

Book Title

Write & Recover: A Favors Writing Workshop, A Workbook and Action Planning Guide is now available on Amazon.com. It is available in both print and eBook formats.

Action Plan

Write & Recover: A Favors Writing Workshop introduces the action plan that directly addresses the post-setback process. It requires readers to establish objectives, create tasks, define success, set a realistic time frame, and utilize resources to ensure that failure is prevented from taking root. The action plans are template-based and apply to each workshop topic.

About Favors Writing Workshop

Favors Film Courses manages the Favors Writing Workshop, which facilitates fundamental, intermediate, and advanced courses in scriptwriting. The workshop is cooperative and collaborative. Students learn how to study and apply psychology concepts practically and write scripts from a point of view of setback.

Under the Favors Writing Workshop, additional books, including Write & Recover, serve as guidelines for future script concepts. Write & Recover is an emerging commercial product with full merchandising and marketing objectives. These include both book fair attendance and participation. The workshop supports the purpose of the Regina Y. Favors Website.

Please note that all Favors branded company products and social media strategies are in development and undergoing a two-year plan, from 2022 to 2024. Creation, development, and integration of products is subject to change. Information on the www.reginayfavors.com website is subject to change.

The workshop workbook is forthcoming.

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