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The following videos are snippets collected from various video series housed on this website, the YouTube Channel Regina Y. Favors, and related sites. Consider these vision tips as applicable to multiple areas of your life, including academic, professional, and personal.

Any video that falls under one or more of these categories may have some resonance to your life. This listing of videos is not comprehensive.

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Audio Lessons

Your Assignment Requires Extraordinary Planning

Assignment Requires Pursuit of Mastery

Burnout Requires Overdelivery

Correction is a Crossroad

Distractions Hinder Progress

Distractions Expend Energy

Don’t Wait for Perfect Conditions

Do Not Refuse Instruction

Don’t Abandon Your Mind

God Knows the Season of Recovery

How Gifts and Talents Work

“I Will Wait Until I Get There.”

Instruction Should Be Familiar

Leadership Requires Decision-Making

Leadership Requires Work

Let Leadership Lead

Learn About Your Assignment

Mentors Catch You Up

Mentoring as Tricky

Move to the Next Purpose

Operating Out of Function

Pain as Warning Signal

Punishment as Reminder

Right Choices Need to Be Made

Stagnancy Leads to Failure

Synthetic Alternatives Run Their Course

Using Gifts and Talents in Setback

We Rest When We Should Be Working

Wear the Responsibility That Fits You

You Cannot Transfer Success

You Could Die in Correction

You’re Here to Solve a Problem

You Don’t Have to Make Mistakes to Learn

You Miss Something When You Skip

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