Touch Not!

Returning to dead things prevents you from moving forward, and it might even endanger your life. Dead things are considered any past issue or relationship that is dysfunctional, no longer working, and unnecessary for you to pursue your life goals, dreams, aspirations, and plans. You do not need to bring every past issue or everyone with you where you are going. For this blog entry, I want to focus on the people we try to bring along with us where we are going.

Although it is true that we cannot bring along old issues and past friendships, people cannot seem to differentiate the individuals who come into our lives for a reason, a season, and/or a lifetime. People love trying to make seasonal acquaintances lifetime friendships. Where you are going may destroy a person because he or she has not been prepared for the destination, i.e., the vision.

You are the one who has been prepared for it, and you also value preparation. This means that bringing someone along on your journey is tantamount to encouraging that individual skip steps, especially if preparation is key and the person has decided that preparation is unnecessary.

Skipping steps always require correction because you must pass each step before you can go on to greater life planning battles. If the person you bring along with you skips, it might affect what you are trying to accomplish, set you back, and force you to endure correction before you can move forward.

A person who is not prepared for the destination will cause you to stumble, to suffer setback, and to run out of steam once you finally get to the place you have been envisioning. There is nothing worse than expending all your energy in places you are not supposed to be and to the point of burnout and not being sufficiently equipped to engage, sustain, and finish the task. We must be finishers. We must have the goal of completion in mind. Never take responsibility for a task if you do not have the capacity to finish.

The goals you have set, the plans in your heart, and the task management strategies you must adopt have their own trials, tribulations, setbacks, endurance struggles, and the need for patience. There is no sense in taking on extra problems when your goal is to solve the problems connected to fulfilling the dream and reaching the vision. In other words, you have plenty enough to do with what you already have. You do not need extra baggage, i.e., you returning to old problems when they no longer need your resolution.

For example, Touch Not! is about encouraging you not to return to old relationships that served their purpose. If you feel the need to return to something that has been closed, whether you went through the full closure process or not, this does not mean that you feel there is still something more to say. What this really means is that you do not want the relationship to end and reopening negotiations will undoubtedly reconnect the relationship.

But you do not know what spirits a person picked up when he or she was away from you. You do not know what hurts and pains the person has experienced. You do not know their bitterness narrative. You do not know where the person is feeling anger and resentment.

He or she is likely to project that anger onto you and the new relationship you want to rebuild. It is fruitless because you never address what broke you up in the first place, which makes it difficult for you to see the relationship for what it really is and to determine if you and the ex-partner both have the emotional capacity to go one more round. Sometimes you do not, and going back can mean your very life.

Another example might be obvious: returning to a substance that kept you bound for years, i.e., alcohol or drugs. It is clear that returning to drugs would be a deadly enterprise. There is nothing good that can come from reengaging that destructive relationship.

Yes, it was a relationship. You were married to alcohol. You were married to drugs. It became your lifeline. It became your friend, your confidant, and your loyal and faithful master and servant. But it also betrayed you. It lied to you. It made you believe that it could keep you forever without also harming you. Going back and touching the very thing that could kill you will undoubtedly kill you.

Touch not any door you have closed. Do not reopen closed doors. You closed them for a reason, and if someone closed a door on your behalf, then consider it a blessing!

Touch not!


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Author: Regina Y. Favors

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