Business Topics

The Favors Business Topics Series focuses primarily on marketing the Regina Y. Favors Website. The marketing of the site began an online education campaign guided by the existing marketing goals.

This included writing and developing the blog articles housed under the “Blog” tab and posting the links to the article on various social media platforms. This strategy also included creating video content in support of the blog articles. The video content is housed under different tabs.

Book Titles

The current book titles are available on

The full version houses all the blog articles used in creating an online education and marketing campaign for the site and the Favors brand.

The condensed version will be revised into a workbook companion. It will also be later converted into a textbook titled Favors Marketing Plans: A Textbook. The latter book is forthcoming. The workbook companion will be available by December 2023.


Welcome to the tentative marketing plan for the Regina Y. Favors website and Favors branded products. This document outlines the importance of developing a digital marketing and promotions strategy for the main website and all related Favors branded products housed on the site and affiliate sites.

This document introduces the Regina Y. Favors website, creates marketing goals, conducts a marketing analysis, considers multiple marketing strategies, introduces customer segmentation and competitor benchmarks, and creates sample buyers’ personas. This document establishes a digital marketing strategy for the Regina Y. Favors website.

The tentative marketing plan is based on seven (7) marketing goals that include building brand awareness through education.

  • Build brand awareness.
  • Drive traffic to the website.
  • Created targeted online consumer base.
  • Create buyer’s persona.
  • Create customers who buy.
  • Send emails encouraging testimonials.
  • Assess returning customers.

The blog articles created for this marketing plan began the process of building brand awareness and directing traffic to the Regina Y. Favors website. The goal was to create engagement for the online consumer, appealing directly to visitors of the website and including representation of all Favors branded products on multiple social media platforms.

This tentative marketing plan begins the process of designing a marketing and promotions campaign that not only educates, but also encourages customer conversion utilizing conversion content, digital advertising, and attendance at book conferences and events.

This tentative marketing plan includes considerations of event planning as important for ensuring that the Regina Y. Favors website and Favors branded products are marketed and promoted through online efforts and face-to-face contacts. This strategy will also consider networking and building professional relationships by attending and participating as a vendor and/or sponsor at author conferences, book fairs, and related events.

The vision of the Regina Y. Favors website is to be the preferred online curriculum you need for life recovery. This is the full version of the tentative marketing plan, which includes the articles written for the site and deployed on multiple social media platforms.

Future Plans

Future plans include attending the Miami Book Fair and related book fairs and conferences for self-published authors. The goals for attending the book fairs and purchasing a vendor/exhibitor/or self-publisher booth is to build brand awareness, drive traffic to the website, and build an email marketing list.

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