Welcome to the Favors Life Recovery Coaching Curriculum.

General Mission

The mission of the Favors Life Recovery Coaching Curriculum (LRC) is to provide the tools to help individuals address and overcome life’s little setbacks in three areas–academically, professionally, and personally–through books, serials, and online learning content.

Where People Struggle

People can experience academic, professional, and personal failures. However, people typically have the tools to manage academic and professional setbacks because there are a wide range of self-help books and guides to manage multiple processes. Different life coaches offer leadership curricula as well as therapeutic tools.

Where people often struggle is with recovering from romantic relationship setbacks that affect their psychology and their subsequent decision-making. Struggling to overcome a rebound relationship, for example, or the breakup of a marriage is a difficult process because it requires making peace with the idea that you will need to “let go.” Letting go is the first part of the process to moving yourself through the grieving processes. 

People will often argue that they need closure before they can let go but letting go is necessary whether you have received closure or not. Hanging on to a breakup and/or romantic relationship and/or marital failure affects how you see yourself. It prolongs and procrastinates the learning processes that are needed to help you see yourself as an exception to the rule in your academic, professional, and personal lives. Holding on affects your worldview.


The Favors Life Recovery Coaching Curriculum teaches and guides you through addressing and overcoming your setback(s) and adopting a transition plan. This curriculum ushers you to the life vision you must adopt: you are the exception to the rule. Therefore, be the exception!


The full curriculum is still in development, but you can find a wealth of content and audio resources on this site. The current series of books is available on Amazon (print and eBook). The titles of the books and related works are housed under the tab “Books.”

The curriculum includes various Power Point lectures (audios) and related research content.

The curriculum also links to various sites that also support the tenets of life recovery.

As we continue to work through this curriculum, thank you in advance for your patience.

About Me

My name is Regina Y. Favors. I am the sole proprietor of The Regina Y. Favors Learning Center, dba Favors Learning Center, a government contractor (inactive).

I wear many hats, and I am responsible for designing the content and audio lessons housed on this site, various related sites, and social media sites.

I am the writer and author of several books on the topics of romantic relationships, overcoming life setback, and moving towards life recovery. All books at this point are in final editing to ensure consistency. They will be available by December 2021 with a few more considerations by March 2022. In addition, more online and video projects are to come.

My academic background includes a B.A. and M.A. in English from San Diego State University. I am a former Adjunct English Instructor for Dallas College, Richland Campus, located in Dallas, Texas. I am taking some time away from teaching to create English and Psychology online lectures. I hope to return to teaching at a later date in my career.

To support my efforts with encouraging life recovery, I am currently completing a second master’s degree in general psychology through The Chicago School of Professional Psychology where I focus my research efforts on chronic homelessness, motivational interviewing, and permanent supported housing. I also focus research on personality theory, intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivation, fixed mindset vs. growth mindset, goal orientation, and related theories that address the whole person.

For example, I am interested in encouraging homeless individuals who obtain PSH housing to stay beyond the two years because people who gain housing often struggle with adopting life skills.

The psychology research explores issues with former homeless people feeling “homeless in a home.” My current efforts include developing an annotated bibliography of that psychology research focusing on understanding the problem and designing solutions regarding this area of theory. The audio lectures will be available at a later date.

My research interests are varied, but they all focus on overcoming life setback and reaching towards life recovery for academic, professional, and personal contexts.

About Favors Learning Center

Please note that The Regina Y. Favors Learning Center, dba Favors Learning Center, designs, manages, facilitates, and commercially produces all programming, including print and digital products, and creates the curriculum for both academic and commercial products.

With the exception to websites already named and in development, the references to titling of schools, guides, and curricula are considered in-house and fall under the banner of Favors Learning Center.

The Regina Y. Favors website serves as the central resource for understanding business and institutional offerings.


Regina Y. Favors


Regina Y. Favors is the main website for introduction to all companies, learning products, and research projects.

Favors Composition Lectures


Favors Composition Lectures is a digital portfolio of lectures, assignments, and audio lessons (in development) that reflect my teaching practices, learning progress, and current research to date. Over the course of a year, I will continue to put audio to multiple lectures, some of which will fall under the “Academy” tab.

How Do You Learn? Research Project


How Do You Learn? is a research project that addresses and challenges the need for rubrics in the English classroom. The use of margin comments was an effective strategy for tailoring feedback to a student’s paper and for measuring mastery of concepts and knowledge. The website outlines preliminary assumptions, research, and working bibliography.

Favors Film Analysis


The Favors Film Analysis Project applies the concept of setback to select films. The exploration and application of setback as a concept is based in part on the ideas expressed within the book titled Overcoming Setback: Five Keys for Entering & Exiting Correction.

Social Media

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YouTube Channels

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This site, related sites, and channels are in two-year production and promotion development. All YouTube channels are currently in development.

Published Works

The following titles are available on Amazon. The titles run different pages and are available in Kindle, paperback, and hardcover formats.

Visit our Amazon Author Page: amazon.com/author/reginayfavors for access to all current titles.

Case Books

The following book titles are available on Amazon.

Toxic Encounters: Why People Pursue Rebound Relationships, Part I

Toxic Encounters: Adult Attachment and the Problem with Rebounding, Part II

Toxic Encounters: Why You Should Go No Contact, Post-Rebounding, Part III

Toxic Encounters: When They See You As 7/8, A Case Study

Toxic Encounters: 5/6, 7/8, 9/10: Which One Has High Value? A Case Study

Reflection Journal

The following book title is available on Amazon.

The Favors Life Recovery Coaching Curriculum: Relationship Readiness Assessment & Reflection Journal

Manual & Companion Workbook

The following book titles are available on Amazon.

Overcoming Setback: Five Keys for Entering and Exiting Correction

Overcoming Setback Workbook: Processing Towards Life Recovery

Sample Life Plans & Workbook

The following book title is available on Amazon.

Favors Sample Life Plan: Using Psychology, SWOT, & SMART to Measure Financial Progress

Favors Sample Life Plan Workbook: A Case Study for Addressing Chronic Homelessness

The following title is now available.

Favors Pre-Singles Counseling Coaching Seminar: Introduction to the Series

You can also find this title explored on this site under the “Pre-Singles” tab.

Coming Soon!

Coming by end of December 2023

Favors Financial Recovery Seminar: Psychological Approaches to Overcoming Financial Setback

Thank you for visiting the site. Thank you for purchasing all products on Amazon.

Titles Catalog

Favors Publications Titles Catalog

The February 2023 Favors Publications Titles Catalog is available on Amazon.com. View our Amazon Author Page here: amazon.com/author/reginayfavors.

Archived Catalog

The digital copy of the Favors Publications Titles Catalog, April 2022 Volume 1, Issue 1 edition is below.

Please review the titles catalog and click the “Purchase on Amazon” tab on this site or the links within the catalog. Thank you for purchasing Favors branded products.

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