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Favors Film Scripts represent select scripts written by Regina Y. Favors that focus on rebounding, rebound relationships, marital discord, sociopolitical discourse, blackface and racial topics, setback and overcoming setback, and love, particularly the discovery of possibility of love and love as setback.


The mission of Favors Film Scripts is to create script content for academic purposes, to create a published script portfolio for commercial marketing and production, and to apply the concept of rebounding and setback to the development of scripts for multi-use.

For Academic Purposes

Confessions of a Rebound Girl, Part I is a film script useful for academic purposes. When you purchase this film script, you are purchasing a book and not a script for commercial film production. If there is interest in commercially producing the script as a film adaptation, please use the contact information provided in the book on this webpage.

Series Scripts

Confessions of a Rebound Girl falls under the Bait, Hook & Switch Series, which includes the following series script titles:

  • Confessions of a Rebound Girl, Part I
  • Confessions of a Rebound Girl: Deuces, Part II
  • The Rebound Wife, Part III

These three series scripts serve as independent studies courses and are introductory to the fundamentals of scriptwriting. They are published separately as film scripts and independent study courses.

Confessions of a Rebound Girl, Part I

Confessions of a Rebound Girl, Part I film script explores the beginnings of a rebound relationship and the decision the central character struggles to make by the end of the narrative.

The script centers on the misunderstanding of the female central character and her relationship with a secondary male character who vacillates between the central character and his ex-partner and who subsequently marries the ex-partner behind the central character’s back.

The film script marries psychology theory and practice through use of dialogue, relationship-making, and narrative development. Characters are confronted with their vulnerabilities and must choose the best strategy for either maintaining their rebound relationships or exiting those rebound relationships that are toxic to the mind, body, and finances.

Book Titles

Confessions of a Rebound Girl, Part I includes both but separately published a film script and the independent study course. Both books are available on Amazon.com. Click the links for more information.

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If you need more information regarding one of the script titles, use the following contact form to inquire.

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