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This is the preferred online curriculum for overcoming life’s little setbacks and moving out of surviving towards life recovery.

Thank you for visiting the site. It is a wonderful work in progress. Hopefully, you will learn about the role of life recovery and how important it is to move out of survivor’s mode, which is just another type of setback, and move towards thrive, which is the best example of life recovery.

We often pride ourselves on being survivors, but surviving is not actually living. It is reminiscing on what affected you negatively and how important it is to continue not doing that very thing that affected you negatively.

Surviving is a mental exercise. It take so much energy to survive something rather than completely pass it. It is the analogy of the track runner who endures the track until he or she gets to the finish line.

The runner is surviving the track, but until he or she crosses the finish line, he or she is not considered a winner. To thrive is to win in all areas of your life. This means that we need to focus on pursuing stability emotionally, mentally, psychologically, spiritually, and financially.

One area out of alignment affects all the other areas of our lives. It is no different than one tire off a car. Sure, the car could still run, but there would be difficulty in ensuring its effectiveness. In other words, we could be doing well in one or two areas of our lives but still struggle in the area of finances, which affects our effectiveness as individuals.

Life recovery, thus, should focus on getting all areas of our lives into alignment!

This is the purpose of Favors Life Recovery. Please click on one or more tabs, listen to audio lessons, engage in the content, and reignite your purpose. For access to learning materials, click “Books” to gain access to books sold on Amazon.

Thank you for vising the site.

Regina Y. Favors

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