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Online Core Curriculum Objectives

Online and audio-based courses offered through Favors Learning Center develop students’ abilities to read, listen, write, and critically think about overcoming rebound relationships, relational transgression, and relationship failure; addressing and overcoming life setback, including financial and homelessness; and recovering from financial setback.

It assumes, through your enrollment and sustained participation, you are considering and are willing to address, confront, and resolve toxic relationships and decision-making. You will learn to do the following:

Read: ability to read different types of content, including psychology research

Listen: ability to listen and synthesize multiple arguments

Write: ability to write from an understanding of concepts and principles

Critically Think: ability to reason cohesively 

Objectives include also the ability to decide from engaging in research and writing.

Online Student Learning Outcomes

By the end of online courses, audio lessons, and workbook and journal exercises, students will be able to do the following:

Synthesize different arguments supporting relationship termination, relationship transgression, rebound relationships, life setback, and financial recovery.

Evaluate the development of audio self-help lessons on various topics, including setback and comeback.

Respect the diversity of expectations, preferences, and perceptions about toxic relationship-making and overcoming setbacks.

Decide better productive goals.

Adopt a mastery orientation to life and overcoming life’s little setbacks.

Additional student learning outcomes include writing from a position of informed research and writing in a style that communicates understanding of balance and diversity of arguments.

Drop Policy

Some courses are offered without cost. You may drop those courses at any time or simply stop attending. 

Premium courses offered through various online and social media outlets have different drop policies and will be indicated under particular mediums.

Grading Specifics

To date, there is no grading system. Through various courses, you will complete the following as part of your online academic/self-help experience:


Feedback Responses/Discussions 

Writing Assignments/Tasks

Your completion of these assignments is based solely on your reading and participation.

At a later date, we will provide more information on grading specifics.

Late Submissions

There is no official late policy. However, following the structure of the online and social media courses will be helpful for addressing and responding to the lessons in a timely manner.

Course Etiquette

Through online and social media courses, you will be required to respond to the audio lessons or other content. This means that you or other students may have views contrary to others. Be respectful of other views on the subject of overcoming life setback. Practice open communication within all courses.

Academic Honesty

All online and social media courses require written responses. Be sure to attribute sources appropriately using a citation referencing style. If you are not familiar with MLA, APA, Chicago Style, etc., just be sure to add quotation marks around materials that do not originate with you or your thinking.

Academic Progress

Students are encouraged to work through the readings and lessons in a fashion convenient.


The instructor reserves the right to amend course syllabi as necessary.

Use of Surveys & Private Policy

Online and social media courses utilize surveys to gather research unofficially. None of your information, other than the responses collected through SurveyMonkey.com, will be used for commercial reasons neither data sold to a third-party marketing company. 

Use of surveys is solely at the discretion of Instructor and will contribute to the preparation for and development of psychology scholarship. Please click “Privacy Policy” for more information. 


Favors Learning Center is committed to ensuring documents are accessible in multiple formats, both print and audio, for a wide, online community.

We are taking steps to enhance accessibility and meet applicable standards. 

If you have difficulty with any online or social media course, please use the “Contact” tab. Please click “Accessibility” for more information.

Current Products

Favors Learning Center creates online and social media content offered through various mediums. The following represent the products of the company and Regina Y. Favors.

Toxic Encounters: Why People Pursue Rebound Relationships, A Handbook, Part I 

Toxic Encounters: Adult Attachment and the Problem with Rebounding, A Handbook, Part II 

Toxic Encounters: Why You Should Go No Contact, Post-Rebounding, A Handbook, Part III 

The print and eBooks focus on addressing and resolving rebound relationships.

The books are in review for developmental editing and will be available Summer 2021.

Online Teachable.com Course(s)

An online Teachable.com course is in re-development and availability date is to be determined. The course title is Overcoming Rebound Relationships: Keys to Becoming Irreplaceable. The course will be retitled Overcoming Toxic Encounters: Perspectives on Rebound Relationships. The course focuses on encouraging students to make themselves a priority.

The online course(s) is subject to rebranding is currently in redevelopment.

YouTube Online Branding

The following brands are Favors Learning Center and Regina Y. Favors trademarked products (future). All content, written and audio, is protected by copyright but subject to fair use.

Understanding Relationship Failure Rebound Relationship Series

Formerly titled When They Marry Someone Else, Understanding Relationship Failure focuses on the toxicity of rebound relationships and offers psychology-based scholarship on different topics, including mate value, mate replacement, mate retention, and relationship failure to better understand the dynamics of relationship termination.

The series represents a research project and falls under the “Research” tab on this site.

Rebound Relationship Special Topics

Rebound Relationship Special Topics offers audio lessons that help you on your road from setback to comeback, which begins with a pen and paper. The special topics explore subject matter on how to begin the process of addressing internal dialogues and external influences.

Audio lessons and workbook elements are available on this site under the “Seminars” tab.

Relationship Readiness Series

The Relationship Readiness & Assessment Curriculum encourages you to learn how to assess your readiness for dating and romantic relationship building leading possibly to marriage. 

The content is a companion to the  YouTube videos. It gauges your relationship readiness competency. It also gauges your ability to exit previous romantic relationships to embrace a new relationship.

Audio lessons and workbook elements are available on this site under the “Readiness” tab.

Life Talk Topics

Life Talk Topics offers insight into the decisions we make and how they impact others as well as ourselves. Audios under Life Talk Topics address areas of living that require not only deep self-reflection, but also extensive planning.

The audio lessons and workbook elements are available under the “Academy” tab on this site.

Pre-Singles Counseling Coaching Curriculum

The Pre-Singles Counseling Coaching Curriculum educates women on pre-planning necessary as a single adult individual by using my abilities as a teacher and writer and conscientiousness to encourage women into discovery and use of their gifts and talents before marital consideration.

Audio lessons and workbook elements are available under the “Pre-Singles” tab on this site.

Overcoming Setback

The Overcoming Setback project explores preliminary research considerations, types of setbacks, and Life Talk audios connected to the research project. The Life Talk Topics audio lectures are available under the tab “Academy” on this site.

The research project is guided by one research question: Why do people pursue setback? This project is ongoing. The full research project will be available on a permanent site.

The accompanying book is titled Overcoming Setback: Five Keys for Entering & Exiting Correction, which is in final editing and will be available by end of August 2021.

Audio lessons are available under “Academy.” (www.overcomingsetback.wordpress.com).

Favors English Lecturers

Favors English Lectures represents audio lectures on English and literature topics, which include American, English, and Irish literature. The site will include book analyses along with audio lectures.

Favors English Lectures will also include freshman and transfer student preparedness and will house audio lessons and lectures on the YouTube site, aptly named Favors English Lectures.

Favors English Lectures will be a temporary website.

Favors Composition Lectures

Favors Composition Lectures represent first-year composition topics and audio lessons Regina Y. Favors taught at the Dallas College, Richland College Campus. The temporary site is in development.

Favors Composition Lectures is a temporary website (www.favorscompositionlectures.wordpress.com).

Favors Writing Tips

Favors Writing Tips, formerly titled The Favors Encyclopedia of Writing, is an online resource for high school writers and first-year composition students and instructors.

The website derives from The Favors Glossary, both initial book and website, that provides insight into the use of margin comment on academic papers. There is an online companion source. Both print and online products are in redevelopment.

Favors Writing Tips is a temporary website (www.favorswritingtips.wordpress.com).

Favors Financial Recovery

Favors Financial Recovery is a newly developed group of audio lessons and workbook elements, which are both currently undergoing the drafting and outlining processes.

The mission of the series is to offer psychology concepts and approaches to educate and encourage individuals to overcome financial setback.

Favors Financial Recovery is a temporary website (www.favorsfinancialrecovery.wordpress.com).

Domain Names

The domain names for all online brands will change when sites are near completion. Thank you for your patience.

About Favors Learning Center

The Regina Y. Favors Learning Center is an eLearning content and online media lessons developer. Founded in 2006, The Regina Y. Favors Learning Center, doing business as Favors Learning Center, began as a private academic tutorial service offered in San Diego, California, serving the college writing community and English as a Second Language (ESL) learners. Through the services, Regina Y. Favors taught also as an instructor for English language schools.

Today, Favors Learning Center utilizes composition-based, tutorial, and feedback/assessment strategies, serving the social media and online communities on various topics, which include close relationships, setback/comeback strategies, and advocacy preparation.

Favors Learning Center Online is an online community-based organization that provides courses, free and premium. To date, FLC offers education and relationship assessment and building strategies in three areas:

English/Composition Studies: American literature, 20th-century novel, fiction, short story, Emily Dickinson poetry; composition theory, feedback and assessment, grit and self-control studies, mindset studies, goal orientation, and motivation.

Psychology Research: rebound relationships, relational transgression, relationship failure, mate value, mate switching, mate retention, mate replaceability; sex and marriage markets; life talk topics; and life preparedness.

Social Advocacy Preparation: chronic homelessness, civil disobedience, and protests and movements.

Favors Learning Center develops online content and audio courses on these topics. Audio lectures and lessons are distributed through a variety of online and social media outlets and on this site, which include Facebook, Twitter, Teachable.com, Patreon.com, YouTube.com. Exploration of future social media and online outlets is still in progress.

Registered Government Contractor (Previous)

The Regina Y. Favors Learning Center (inactive) is a registered government contractor with System for Award Management (SAM.gov). Development and provision of online teaching videos on various topics is in development.

About the Instructor

Regina Y. Favors is the sole proprietor of Favors Learning Center, and primary instructor, online lessons instructional designer, and web developer. Regina has both bachelor’s and master’s degrees in English from San Diego State University. 

Regina teaches first-year composition courses at Dallas College, Richland College Campus, located in Dallas, Texas. Regina’s research interests are three-fold and include the following:

English: composition studies, feedback and assessment; English teaching videos;

Psychology research: rebound relationships, relational transgression, mate value, mate switching, mate retention, self-control and grit studies, self-determination theory, mindset, and goal orientation; and

Social advocacy: topics on chronic homelessness and on the necessity of protests and movements.

Regina is currently completing a second master’s degree in psychology with the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Regina hopes to complete a doctorate degree in English at a later date.

Favors Learning Center is based primarily online. Services are offered through the primary site and temporary sites until further notice. The official site is under development.

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