Resting After Breakup Tips

Resting after a breakup is an important life strategy that all of us need to adopt if we desire to be productive, focused, and successful long-term. It is never a great idea to jump from one relationship to the next just because you have a space of time that is not occupied.

Your mind, body, heart, and finances need to rest. You must get back in tuned with your life’s purpose, which means that you must know what that is and why God put you on this earth. In other words, resting after breakup gives you the time you need to heal, to self-reflect, and to design a better life strategy that is not filled with chaos but peace.

As you view these video lessons, think about where and what you need to rest and then rest! The videos are categorized according to the problem, the need for self-reflection, and then practical considerations for resolving the problem.

Remember that only you can determine what the problem is for you and why you continue to entertain toxic relationships. Regardless, if you are jumping from one thing to the next, then it may be a sign that you struggle with hastiness. This site explores the problem with hastiness and offers solutions in different areas. Consider these ideas as you watch the videos.

Why Relationships Fail

These are a series of videos explaining why relationships fail. They are considered micro-lectures of previous lectures and categories on this site. Longer lectures can be found under the “Life Talk Topics” tab. The following video lessons answer why relationships fail.

Goals are Not Identity-Based

Goals are Not Original

Goals are Not Strategic

Goals are Not Realistic

Goals are Not Long-Term

Goals are Not Clear

Goals are Not Fixed

Single Life Tips

The following single life tips represent the self-reflection we all need to consider when deciding whether to pursue another romantic relationship. There are various topics, but they hint at the importance of addressing the problem by trying to understand it before going on to greater life-based and romantic battles. The following videos address our own complicity in the breakdown of a romantic relationship.

Vision of Laziness

Women Using Sex as a Solution

Sex is Not a Solution for Laziness


No Investment


Mind Your Promises

Resting after Breakup

The following videos address how to resolve the problem of romantic hastiness by using emotional, mental, psychological, spiritual, and financial rest. The longer you give yourself time to rest, the easier it becomes to understand how you push yourself into relationships before your time.

Romantic relationships are not the only categories. We may also jump into friendships before we have had enough time to rest from a previous relationship. Regardless, the following videos help you to consider a plan after breakup and before you enter another relationship. The videos provide strategies.

Plan the Future

Assess the Setback

Recognize Your Patterns

Check Your Belief System

Create an Outlet

Don’t Spend Money

Don’t Make Promises

Don’t Plead Your Case

Don’t Gap Fill

Don’t Find Another

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