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Life Plan Topics are snippets of various series and video lessons. The video lessons below primarily fall under the Pre-Singles Counseling Coaching Curriculum. Click the tab “Pre-Singles” to gain access to the videos. You may also visit the Regina Y. Favors YouTube channel for more information.

These snippets are important for considering the life planning objectives you may need to set. It works in conjunction with the Sample Life Plans created under the Overcoming Setback Series books and workbooks. Click the appropriate tab for more information. Audio lectures for the Sample Life Plans are being considered.

Think about the following video lessons as central for adopting a life planning objective and following up that objective with researching, writing, and executing. This is your life and your life plan. Be proactive about your own life planning.

General Life Planning Topics

The following topics focus on different areas of your life that need a life plan strategy. The videos are useful for adopting and maintaining a life plan.

The Two-Year Plan

The two-year plan is one of the plans that people do not adopt as a strategy for moving within multiple plans and ensuring that there is a solid option for the next step without feeling the need to take anything because anything is available.

The creation and development of a two-year plan should begin in high school at the junior level. If we had a two-year plan during those high school years, we would find that the choices we make do not set us back but in fact move us forward. Consider these ideas as you listen to the video.

The two-year plan should help you to work through the five-year plan and also plan for the five-year plan.

The Five-Year Plan

The following video is about adopting a five-year plan, post the two-year plan. The five-year plan allows you to self-reflect on your two-year progress and adopt a five-year plan to move you forward professionally and personally but especially financially.

Adopting and managing a five-year plan will make it easier for you to endure a ten-year plan.

The Ten-Year Plan

Creating the ten-year plan requires some sense of foresight. This means that you need to establish a vision for yourself and to exercise conscientiousness to see your future self to determine what you need to do in your present. In other words, you must begin researching who you want to become very early, even as early as in high school.

This is something we learn later. We care more about graduating with the high school diploma than planning the exit through graduation out of high school and into the workforce. In essence, we do not adopt a two-year transition plan let alone a five-year or ten-year transition plan.

Regardless, creating and maintaining a ten-year transition plan must be part of your vocabulary, especially if you are working for certain industries. Listen to this video lesson and gain insight from the case example on accounting.

The fact that you do not have a ten-year plan suggests a threat to your life planning. You do not know from day to day if you are going to make it to your future, but planning for your future is still important and necessary. When you are assessing your ten-year planning strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, always understand that you are the greatest threat to your existence. Within this context, lack of ten-year planning is an example of a threat. Plan your ten-year transition professionally, personally, and financially.

Your Assignment

Your life assignment is something you must discover. You discover who you are and what you will become. Sometimes that discovery is by dream, by affirmation from someone, from God, and by walking out your life steps. Your assignment is typically connected to your gift and talent, which also requires a season of discovery. Review the video to understand your life assignment.

Operating in Your Gift and Talent

Your life assignment is predicated on you operating in your gift and talent. For example, my gift is teaching, but my talent is writing. For many years I have run against that knowledge as if I believed that I was destined for something else. I had to realize that teaching and writing are where I am supposed to be and that I need to use both to follow my life assignment, which is to help people who have struggled with life’s little setbacks. Consider these ideas as you review the video.

Financial Planning Topics

The following financial planning topics focus on the long-term advantages of adopting strategies in different areas of your life that need multiple strategies. Review the following videos for insight and use them as preparation tools.

Trusts, Protecting Your Legacy

Tax Planning and the “Injured Spouse”

Estate Planning, Inheritance and Taxes

Dating and Romance Topics

The following dating and romance topics are necessary for understanding the importance of a having a marriage plan. People often reject the business aspects of romantic planning, but it is important because what you refuse to do, the courts will step in and close that gap in your understanding. A prenuptial agreement is important for outlining responsibilities and hedging against tax obligations. Consider these ideas as you review the videos.

Dating With Purpose Plan

Pre-Marital Plan

Prenuptial Agreement

A Quote from the Film Unfaithful (2002)

Paul Vartan makes a very interesting statement in the film that I find useful for life and life planning. Listen to this video to gain insight. It is the conclusion to one of the series, but I find it important to consider here for life planning. Here is the video.

Although this video referenced dating and dating with purpose, the larger understanding about there are things that you do and there are things that you do not do still have some application to planning other areas of your life.

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