Mind Your Business!

Mind Your Business!

Mind the business you know. You know yourself better than anyone. When you decide to write that book, poetry, film script, or self-help book, write from your perspective, from your own voice. Consider the following strategies:

Strategy #1: Create Characters

Think about your experiences. Break them down into component parts. Then give those experiences multiple names. Those experiences with a name become your characters within the book.

Strategy #2: Setting

Then think about the settings of your experiences. This will make it easier to attach a setting for each character. You attended school. You completed college. You worked on a job. These are environments from which you can glean to write the setting and add context. Add visuals.

Strategy #3: Life Activities

Think about your life activities. You got married. You had kids. You got sick. Then you got well. You can attach these different experiences to individual characters for your book and/or writing project. Your life matters. Therefore, make this a point in the book.

Strategy #4: Build a Narrative

Add conflict and resolution, and you have the making of a film project and/or novel. It is all about the story. If we do not buy into the story, we will not buy into the narrative or the book.

Strategy #5: Write What You Know

Regardless, write what you know by assessing your own life and turning individual experiences into characters and then further into a plot for a novel or book or even a self-help series.

Mind your own business.


Author: Regina Y. Favors

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