Mentor You!

Mentor You!

Closure is one of those processes that people do not like to start, let alone endure to the end. It is hard to let go of something for which you have made an investment. It is hard to let go of a relationship that gave you some comfort as well as pain but allowed you to grow and learn and move forward emotionally only for you to decide its eventual conclusion.

People do not enter relationships or start something just to close it out. It seems unnatural to do so, but this life, however, is about starting and closing, or ending. We begin life, we endure life, and we end life. That is one thing we cannot change: we are all going to die. Of course, informing you that you will die one day is not the purpose of this post.

No, the true purpose of this discussion is to encourage you to close out relationships of all kinds that are no longer productive. Close out relationships that are hindering you on your way. Close out relationships with people that keep you in setback. Close out relationships with people who cannot go where you are going because they do not have the capacity to take what you can take. They have not prepared in the same way.

Close out relationships with yourself where you have embraced chaos, dysfunction, lack of productivity, laziness, procrastination, and failure. At some point in your development, you have to succeed. Failure cannot be your identity. It cannot be the end all, be all of you and who you are and what you desire to become. You must embrace the opposite of failure and begin to envision overcoming failure for yourself as a major demand you put on your life.

This means that you need to mentor you concerning you. If you have gotten off the narrow path and embraced the broad path, as in supporting the statements, “There are many ways to get this done. I don’t have to do everything right now” or “I have all the time in the world to get this done,” you should reconsider these statements as opposing any goal you set, especially when the goal is feasible and realistic.

If you believe that you have all the time in the world to go after your dream, then you are deluding yourself into believing that time is on your side. There is no such thing as having all the time in the world.

You can run out of time!

You can create situations in your life that precipitate your death. You can die before your time. If you understand that assumption as a possibility, you will realize the importance of closing out relationships that no longer serve you in a positive way or do not have significance for you and where you want to take yourself.

You create the hindrances and distractions in your life. Sure, people make all types of contributions to your life that are both positive and negative. Some of those contributions are unexpected, and it takes some time for you to regroup.

However, if you find yourself entertaining the same types of distractions and letting you and the people around you hinder you on your journey, then you must reassess your own belief system about distractions and their necessity. People consciously place roadblocks in front of themselves. It’s called procrastination. When you mentor yourself, think about the ways in which you hinder you.

As you move forward and consider closure, you will need to close out your tendency to give into procrastination, hindrances, distractions, your beliefs about time, and your understanding about death.

There is no recovery after death.

There is no second chance once you have left this earth. This means that you can no longer make a direct contribution with your mind and your physical person. You can always leave a legacy, but it is important that you fulfill your part of the assignment. When it comes time to pass the baton, then you pass the baton.

Mentor you on the importance of closing out relationships, distractions, hindrances, endless opportunities, lessons, successes, failures, and seasons. Learn what you need to learn when you need to learn it, and then move forward!

Mentor you!


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