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Journal Your Romantic Hastiness

It is difficult to reflect on areas of romantic hastiness, especially considering that we believe in every relationship we encounter. The ways in which we believe in our relationships is through investment. We invest and/or pour into the relationship with resources, love, heart, body, and mind.

Why else would we be in a relationship if we are not going to take it seriously?

This is a question that needs serious consideration because we often hang onto relationships that do not serve us well, but we end relationships that can teach us something. Typically, the relationships that we ignore and push away are the ones that I believe can “grow us up.”

For example, we usually kick away the stable individual, i.e., the one who has his or her finances right, the one who has a stable home, the one who does not job hump, and the one who has a stable worldview. We don’t want those people. No!

We want the people we feel need us the most: the unstable. These are the people who do the opposite, especially when it comes to getting and maintaining a job, seeking and discovering a life purpose, and executing consistent stability. We want the people that we have to take care of and then complain about having to take care of them.

We want the lazy, the procrastinator, the double-minded, the jealous, the hasty, and the loser. I don’t mean loser from a negative viewpoint. I mean loser from a perspective of a person who starts something just to stop. The person is preoccupied with the habit of losing, and that person will start something just to quit it and then complain that no one is giving him or her a chance.

The more you hang around that person, the easier it becomes for you to get distracted, adopt their mentality, and enter your own state of losing and subsequently becoming a loser.

Therefore, journal your experiences with romantic hastiness. Think about a particular individual that you “took a chance” with and reflect on that relationship and your culpability. How were you hasty?

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