Favors Relationship Tip

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Favors Relationship Tip

I am currently working on a blog article on romantic hastiness and how it relates to the eagerness in people to start a new relationship with someone who is currently ending a relationship, i.e., the person is going through a divorce and/or concluding a live-in situation, or anything similar. I am also finishing another article on the same main topic of romantic hastiness, but it focuses on how zeal for a relationship affects our finances. Look for these upcoming articles. Here is an overview of the future one.

We always think that because our romantic partner is interested in engaging in relationship-making with us, that he or she is indeed “our partner,” but if that person is undergoing a process of completion with another relationship and/or marriage, your relationship is still not your relationship. In fact, you do not have a relationship with whom you believe is your future partner. I make a point of this in multiple posts, but it bears repeating.

Stay out of “their relationship” until it is no longer their relationship. Stop making plans with someone who is still in legal relationship with someone else. It does not matter if that person goes to the courthouse and files to be considered legally single. That person is still “not divorced.” This means that the person is still married until he or she is not married or legally bound to someone else.

Therefore, you cannot plan with a person who is still attached legally to someone else. Even if the person is common law married, if there is any indication that he and his partner gave notice of the two of them as married, and they are seen as married in front of their family members and friends, certain states require a divorce petition. You can be common law married without a ceremony, but if you want to be single, then you would have to divorce. Check the statutes in your state.

Given the complex, potentially toxic nature of dissolution and relationship termination, stay out of it. You could lose your life, your sanity, your finances, and your spiritual walk messing in a marriage, common law status, and/or live-in situation.

Stay out of it.

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