Reconnect You!

Reconnect You!

I cannot stress enough the importance of gathering your mind, body, soul, and all your senses together when you have suffered through a toxic relationship. When you have been in an abusive situation of any kind, you lose a little part of yourself daily, and depending on how long you have stayed in that relationship, you might lose even a greater part of yourself until it is difficult to recover.

One thing I know about toxic relationships is that they affect your finances. You not only invest time, mind, body, and soul, but also you invest your money. Wherever your money goes, your heart follows. You will stay in a relationship and use money as a determining factor even when the relationship has hit a brick wall.

You keep pouring money and more money until you find yourself broke, busted, and disgusted. I think if we had a really sound understanding about money and finances and the way in which it flows we would not be quick to give it away so carelessly, even for love. We would be more responsible with something of value. In fact, your heart and mind are even more valuable than money. Yet, you spend with both like you have no other choices to navigate.

Reconnecting you will take some time, especially if your last relationship burned you out emotionally. Any failed relationship leaves you pondering why you did not get out sooner. All that matters is that you are out now!

The life recovery goal then becomes about assessing your decision-making, assessing your romance choices, assessing how you will get back into financial shape, and assessing what peace looks like for you. Do you need to be in a relationship during this season in life? Only you can answer that question.

Regardless, the question still needs to be answered. If you are financially unsound, then relationship-making is not the answer. You’re only going to bring in old, financially unproductive ideas into a new context, which will undoubtedly affect the relationship you have with your new partner, especially if that person is great with his or her money.

No, if you are financially ill, meaning that your debt outweighs your income or you are suffering below the poverty level because of current circumstances, then the life recovery goal would be to become financially well. Pursue it before you pursue a romantic relationship.

Therefore, gather yourself and your senses to set a realistic goal regarding any area of your life that needs repair and recovery. Stay on that goal until you reach completion. Reconnecting yourself essentially means that you need to return to the essence that was you before you got involved in toxic relationships, which might have subsequently affected your finances.

You cannot fully navigate this life in a broken state, with a broken mentality, and with a broken ideology. You must reconnect to something that is greater than you, so that it can mentor you and move you forward into greater progress. This will allow you to get back on track and design even greater, realistic goals.

Reconnect you!

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