Overcome You!

Overcome You!

Most if not all your problems begin with you and your own contribution to your lifespan. Sure, we have issues with childhood and we are often wounded from childhood circumstances. There are a lot of issues we would love to address with our parents, siblings, and everybody else connected to us during our childhood, but we cannot. We cannot go back and uproot some of those issues from the past, but we can address how they might have become weeds in our present, especially if we are planning for a productive future.

This means that you must take you and place you on the table for examination. What are your mistakes, failures, mishaps, and assumptions? Where did you go wrong? How did you get off the path you were on? With whom do you need to set boundaries? Why are you still running on the same hamster’s wheel you’ve been running on since you started your goals and your dream planning? These are questions that need examination.

Taking inventory of your successes is just as important because when we are successful, we tend to want to stay in that success, perpetually, as if we believe we are not able to be successful again. If you find yourself lingering too long basking in your greatness, your successes, and your achievements, you will find that this is just another type of procrastination where you live in something you did great instead of moving yourself forward to greater things.

Overcoming you takes time. It begins with understanding that you are 100% responsible for you, your choices, your activities, and the contributions you make to other people’s lives. You can be too hasty in going after a dream. You could be too slow or lazy in going after a dream. You can be too hasty in beginning relationships of any kind. The opposite is also true. Regardless, it is up to you to determine what, where, why, when, how, and in what ways you need to overcome you.

You have no true competitors. The only competitor is you. This means also that you can be your own worst enemy. Overcome you into a better understanding about how life should really work for you and your dreams and also how you should not hinder someone else along their way.

Overcome you!

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