Quote of the Day

Quote of the Day

I thought this quote might be useful to everyone.

I am an email subscriber to Stephan Speaks, and he sent an email about a woman who has practically given up on love, at least from my viewpoint. She suggests in the email that maybe every woman is not promised a husband.

Stephan Speaks replies that it starts with you and your belief that you deserve a good man and that a good man is out there. Here is the quote from that email:

“You can’t receive what you don’t believe. Because when he shows up, you’ll sabotage it. You’ll push him away. You’ll question everything about him. You’ll try to find some way to validate your feeling that there is no good man out there for you, and you’ll continue to run from what could’ve been the man God Has for you” (Stephan Speaks).

I thought that first statement was telling and informative and teachable. It made me think about my own thought process and whether or not I need to check my belief system. I usually do in other areas of life, but self-reflection is key in this area of life as well.

Glean from the quote what you will. You will need to sign up for his email list to gain access to the full article. Regardless, it is a useful bit of information. Here it is again. I might do more “quotes of the day” to keep me on the straight and narrow. God bless.

Visit http://www.stephanspeaks.com for more tips.


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