Change You!

Change You!

Changing you requires that you understand you are worthy of change and that what you need to change about yourself will take a process.

You will not be able to simply wake up and be different. You must actively pursue change, and this requires that you begin a process of self-reflection of areas that need immediate, short-term, and long-term attention.

For example, if you struggle with financial instability, it is likely because you have missed some instruction about managing finances. That instruction is typically connected to saving and creating an emergency savings plan. We never think we are going to have a downturn in life. We always assume that life will continue, even if we live paycheck to paycheck. Regardless, financial instability is something that needs to be addressed and the behavior behind sustaining financial instability needs direct change.

If you struggle with emotional regulation, i.e., you blow up when you are triggered, then this is definitely problematic behavior that could lead to devastating consequences, which might include job loss or perpetual criminal behavior. You cannot live in toddlerhood forever. That’s what struggles with emotional regulation reveal in adulthood. Change begins when you realize that the behavior is not sustainable long-term.

Given the necessity for change and its impact in multiple areas of your life, how important is it for you to begin your process towards living an emotionally and/or financially stable life? No one should have to walk on eggshells in their own life because of a struggle with a problematic behavior that is hindering their growth.

If you look at life as growth potential, with a growth mindset, then you will realize that change is both inevitable and necessary. Move out of any emotional, mental, and psychological stronghold that has been keeping you down so you can better embrace what is ahead. Change always requires that you move forward.

Change you!

Thank you for reading.

Regina Y. Favors


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