Be Willing to Leave Rejection

Be Willing to Leave Rejection

I was thinking about Jesus’s instruction to the Disciples about what to do when they enter a city and the people in that city do not receive the Gospel or them as bearers of that message. In fact, the people decide to reject them. Jesus instructs them on how to cease fellowship with their rejectors.

This got me thinking about the concept of rejection, and it is a concept that I am considering for a YouTube series or a simple article series. Regardless, rejection is something I have personal experience with considering that it reflects the totality of my upbringing, my dealings with friends, my struggles with romantic relationships, and my desires to address the places inside me that reflect emotional gaps.

Learning about rejection has become my new project because in understanding rejection I get the opportunity to not only learn about myself, but also about the nature of people who reject. People may reject you for many reasons and sometimes those reasons may not have anything to do with you personally. People might not always have malice in their hearts when they reject you.

Rejection might be their habit, pattern, and/or social nurturing. Rejection might be a coping mechanism to help them deal with emotional trauma. Rejection might be a psychological strategy people use to control and manipulate the immediate environment.

However, those with malice in their hearts have different objectives. Rejection might be used to provoke you into a behavior, as in training you like a dog. “You hurt me, so I’m going to give you the silent treatment.” Until you do whatever it is that person wants you to do, you will continue to get the silent treatment, cold shoulder, disapproving eye, and any other attitude or strategy useful for burning you out of your will.

The problem with rejection is that people fail to understand free will. Rejection is about control, and you are trying to control someone using it as a strategy. However, as I note in conversations with people every living thing wants to be free. Even prisoners do all they can to try and get out of their cages. Babies do their best to crawl and walk away from their parents. Kids are quick to leave their parents’ homes simply for the taste of freedom. Even hamsters run around on the hamster’s wheel just to exercise their freedom, even while they are running around in a cage. Every living thing wants to be free.

Therefore, if you are dealing with someone’s rejection, and you know it when you feel it, then it is time to leave that environment. Be willing to leave not just because the person is hurting you. Be willing to leave because the person is not interested in receiving you, which translates as receiving your instruction, wisdom, knowledge, learning, past experiences, and direction.

People reject you out of a pattern to keep a hold onto you, to maintain their claws into your person, and to control the mind that belongs to you. When you stay with someone who rejects you, you are walking in agreement with their rejection. You walk side by side with their rejection, and until you begin to address their belief system, you will always walk in agreement with them, their treatment of you, and the plans they have for your life.

Be willing to leave by shaking the dust off your feet. There is nothing else you can do in that situation if the person is not willing to receive and learn. Forsake the situation to create a new beginning. Reject the ideology, belief system, and agreement of a person who is using rejection as a tool against you.

Rejection is a part of life. You will always have to endure rejection on some level. There is no guarantee that any one person or people will fully accept you. In some ways, you will need to use rejection to set the right boundaries with family, friends, and romance partners. But using rejection as a means to provoke and trigger people is not right! Keep that in mind.

Be willing to leave any situation, especially one where you are suffering rejection at the will of another person simply because it is convenient and fun to that person.

Reject that person and the environment by shaking the dust off your feet and preserving your heart, mind, and soul for better opportunities. For every person who rejects you, there is someone who will accept you.

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