People Connect Setback to Work

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It is a difficult thing to write something from pain, experience, and expertise and it not be received well. I have written multiple books on the topics of rebounding, setback, and life recovery, but as in any case when you are first marketing books, they do not always gain traction immediately. I’m fine with that notion because marketing takes work, diligence, and consistency. I have prepared my mind for that painstaking truth.

Missed Opportunity

What I did not prepare my mind for was the idea that people might not be receptive to a book on setback and correction. The title Overcoming Setback: Five Keys for Entering & Exiting Correction is a book about the consequences of missed opportunity, i.e., what it looks like in your life when you miss or decide to ignore an instruction. Once you decide to disobey an instruction, you immediately create a setback because it is a test you failed to pass.

People do not like the word “fail,” and I will address this idea throughout the article. People do not like the word because it simply means that whatever they wanted did not pan out the way they wanted; therefore, they have to regroup and try again to gain success in another area of their life.

Hopping for Success

What people often do is hop onto the next thing to get success. If they fail in one area, which is represented as a setback, they just skip steps, find something that they can win at, do that thing, get success in it, and place the successful label onto themselves and call it a day.

It is possible to find success in another area of your life and do very well and earn the right to have the rewards for your labor and efforts. This only works, however, if that was the original goal you set, you endured it, and you completed that goal!

If something was optional, as in “I want to learn Japanese so I can travel to Japan and teach English,” as in my case, well that would be fine because it’s an option. It is not something tangible enough for you to set because there are too many factors at play when traveling to another country. Finances are the most important aspect of your decision-making. I had to give up that goal, and it was not a dream, to make financially sound decisions. It was better for me to stay in the United States, build a record of teaching experience, and guide myself financially. Teaching abroad was optional and not fixed.

On the other hand, if I had set a goal to finish college, and I did not finish college, then that would be a more tangible goal that I would have to reassess given the climate for specialized knowledge. A person may not want to earn a four-year degree, but knowledge of technology is not an optional decision. You must have some exposure to discipline knowledge, social media, web design, and that is in addition to any other industry-specific knowledge you are required to have to perform a job task. If you decide to “miss this instruction,” then you can expect to experience problems in another season of your life.

Social Nurturing

The books on overcoming setback and exiting toxic relationships as in Toxic Encounters: Why People Pursue Rebound Relationships and the two additional books connected to that title are not necessarily books that people might want to hold in line at a bookstore let alone choose from an online medium, such as

The original title for this book was Bait, Hook & Switch: Confessions of a Rebound Girl. Although I had already published it through Amazon years ago, when I reassessed the books, I realized visually the customer standing in line at the bookstore and thought to myself that no way would a woman want to hold that book in line so everyone could see and think she was a rebound. Therefore, I revamped all the titles connected to that main title, added substantial content to make the books more comprehensive and semi-scholarly, and republished under a general title about toxic encounters.

However, even in changing the title years later and assuming that people might appreciate the idea of overcoming toxic relationships, what I realized was that it wasn’t nearly the title that was the problem. It was the idea that people are not expert at solving problems, especially personal issues. These books suggest that you know you have a problem that needs to be fixed, and fixing that problem will require work. People are not socially nurtured to work on their problems. They are only nurtured to survive their problems.

Marketing Problem

Herein lies the problem with marketing the Regina Y. Favors website and the corresponding titles. People are skilled and experts at survival and not at overcoming their failures, dramas, and setbacks. They rebound from one thing to the next, believing that if they can just survive the moment, it will change their lives and get them to the next moment and the next one thereafter.

The problem with this notion, however, is that people get addicted to comeback, which is another article I am planning to write. They dip in and out of troubles, problems, and issues, and they survive those issues only to get to a point in their lives where they want to dip in and out again. I believe people do this because they like the feeling of euphoria they get when they survive something.

To overcome is to make no more room for that same issue that keeps pulling at you.

Regina Y. Favors

People like how they manage to overcome their anxieties. They breathe in. They breathe out. They take a drink, smoke something, exercise, have sex, attend church, and they experience their release. However, to overcome is simply to make no more room for that same issue that keeps pulling at your heels. If you really want to change, then you will do your best not to continue engaging the very same thing that keeps you down.

Of course, all of us thrive on the drama. It is not until we get to a certain point in our lives when we feel our mortality that we say, “My life can’t take too many more hits.” The next issue can take you out, and what people do not understand is that you can die in your setback. In other words, you can die a tragedy, and death, when sudden does not yield you a second chance.

Death, when sudden, does not yield you a second chance. You do not get a second chance at recovery.

Regina Y. Favors

It is difficult to consider any recovery opportunity when you are dead. That’s why addressing your setback is the most important strategy you can adopt because a gap in thinking in one area can affect thinking in other areas, and then you are left with gaps in your thinking in multiple areas. Gaps in thinking always show up in your finances.


In reassessing my tentative marketing plan for the books and the website, I realize that people connect setback to work or vice versa. This revelation affects my marketing goals because now I am forced to educate potential consumers out of their loyalty to survive, surviving, survival, and survivor to open them up to the possibilities of overcome, overcoming, and overcomer.

This means that the mindset has to change. It is one of those notions put forth by Carol Dweck (2007) in her book titled Mindset: The New Psychology of Success where she discusses the differences between “fixed mindset” and “growth mindset.”

Figure. Mindset Differences

Fixed MindsetGrowth Mindset
Intelligence is fixed.Intelligence can be developed.
Avoids challengesEmbraces challenges
Ignores feedbackLearns from criticism
Threatened by the success of othersInspired by the success of others
Changing Our Mindset Summary

This is a near-summary of ideas put forth in multiple iterations of Dweck’s book. Different visuals are available on the Internet using a keyword search. Mindset is a topic I teach on and use within the composition classroom.

What this chart suggests for the Regina Y. Favors books and website consumers is that the consumer must adopt a growth mindset to learn beyond survival. Strangely enough, to survive is to live in perpetual setback because although you can “get out” of something hastily, you are more inclined to return to it because the pattern to “get out” and “get over” becomes a habit. You return to what you believe works. After all, you were able to get out of the problem the first, second, and third times. Why not now?


Given the marketing goals for the books and the website, education is key. Educating the potential consumers for the products will require adopting the following marketing goals:

  • Build brand awareness.
  • Drive traffic to website.
  • Create targeted consumer base.
  • Create buyer’s persona.
  • Create consumer’s who will buy.
  • Encourage consumers to submit testimonials.
  • Assess returning customers.

These are marketing goals that I am forced to put into rotation concurrently because the customer who desires to exit setback is one who cannot take one more step and cannot live one more moment in setback. This person is ready to get out of their setback but is willing to do what it takes to get out. No more jumping in and out of situations, no more making bad financial decisions, no more giving money without purpose and standard, and no more romantic decisions that leave the person broken, busted, and disgusted. This customer is tired! This customer is ready to change.

A tired person

Therefore, considering these factors as key to developing the tentative marketing plan, marketing the books will require significant education. People understand that the word “setback” exists, but it is not something that people want to address willingly unless they are forced to address their own personal setback. They will project their assumptions about someone’s setback, but when it comes to addressing their own individual setback, it does not have the same effect.

Setback for people might mean failure, and people do not want to be connected to failure. They want to win, so they will seek out a win by jumping off one path and onto another just so they can put distance between themselves and the setback. What they do not realize is that the setback is down the road represented as a brick wall, forcing them to self-reflect and address it. This is arguably the customer for the book titles and the Regina Y. Favors website.

As I consider and add to the tentative marketing plan, the need to revise and edit the buyer’s persona will be ongoing. The revelation that I got about people’s perception of “setback” as a concept that they believe may not apply to them even if they are currently living under a setback (i.e., the pandemic and job loss) is one that purely derives from offering the complimentary copies and getting no takers and assuming that this is the reason behind the failure to sustain the connection between the potential customer and the book choice. It cannot be the quality of the book because they did not get the book. It cannot be the prices of the books because all books are priced financially affordable.

This means that they assumed and created a negative connection to the title of the book, i.e., rebounding and/or setback, and themselves and said to themselves, “I want no part of that because that does not apply to me.” In other words, they put distance between themselves and the books, even when one of the titles had the phrase “life recovery.” Otherwise, if there was interest, especially in a complimentary title, i.e., gratis, then the potential consumers would have submitted their addresses.

They connected work to setback and vice versa, seemingly assuming that they would have to work to get themselves out of setback. No one wants to work to get themselves out of setback. The individual would rather survive to comeback.

These are interesting revelations, and I hope to use them as guides to continue developing the marketing plan, marketing efforts, and a marketing lesson.

Thank you for reading.

Regina Y. Favors, Owner/Operator

Regina Y. Favors Website

The vision of the Regina Y. Favors website is to be the preferred online curriculum you need for life recovery.


Dweck, C. (2007). Mindset: The new psychology of success. Ballantine Books.

Please note: All Favors branded books are available on Amazon.


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